Radiance Clear Braces

We also offer our clear Radiance Plus brackets, which are popular among our adult patients. Our Radiance brackets are made from pure grown sapphire making them so transparent, they reflect the natural color of your own teeth, making them virtually INVISIBLE!!


Radiance Plus braces are proven to be the clearest of all ceramic braces. They are made from pure grown sapphire, providing an exceptionally clear appearance. The body of the braces also resists stains, so Radiance Plus will stay brilliant throughout treatment.


Radiance Plus braces are designed to help straighten your   teeth   quickly and effectively without sacrificing you comfort. A heat   polishing process helps give Radiance Plus its smooth surface, and  the braces are constructed to be as   thick and durable as possible.  The smooth, contoured design  also makes Radiance Plus easier to  keep clean, helping   maintain proper hygiene throughout treatment.


Radiance Plus braces are as strong as they are beautiful. The pure grown sapphire used for the bracket body is one of the hardest materials in nature, second only to diamond. Radiance Plus is designed to be as robust as possible while still keeping your comfort in mind.


In addition to traditional braces, Dr. Freels is also certified Invisalign™ provider. Invisalign™ is one of the most innovative technologies available to straighten teeth. It consists of sets of clear “aligners” manufactured specifically for each patient.

Patients wear these aligners throughout the day and progress to the next set every 2-4 weeks. To learn more visit www.invisalign.com