Meet The Staff

Michelle Young, is our Admin/Financial Coordinator and Social Media Manager. She is a graduate of San Antonio College of Medical and Dental Assistants for Computer Network Specialist. Michelle found herself drawn to the medical field and working with patients. She has previous experience as a Clinical Assistant but her passion is for financial planning, helping patients stay on budget. On her spare time she enjoys making jewelry and even has her collection at a local boutique! Her husband thinks her crafts are out of control but she insists it’s necessary. She is a mother of one and she and her family enjoy having dinner parties with friends and going to concerts.

Questions or concerns re: Payment Plans, Billing or Insurance e-mail:[email protected]

Karen Rodriguez RDA, is our Treatment Coordinator. She is an active Leader at Palm Valley Church in their kinder & 1st grade classes. She is an amateur photographer and enjoys snapping pics of her daughter Sofia. Karen loves to read, do crafts and play her guitar. She often brags that she is the best at Guitar Hero but conveniently backs out when challenged.  She admits that her favorite part about being a Treatment Coordinator is that she is able to interact with patients of all ages. 

For treatment planning or referral questions contact: [email protected]

Yvonne Anzaldua-Sanchez is our Appointment Coordinator. She has 15 years of experience in ortho as an RDA and Scheduling Coordinator. Yvonne has two beautiful children and loves photographing them! When she has some alone time she enjoys scrapbooking and shopping. Her favorite buys are accessories because a girl can never have too many! Weekends are usually spent with family, cooking BBQ, and listening to country music! 

Brianda Cantu RDA, our Clinical Coordinator and a 10 year veteran at Freels Orthodontics. Brianda is a certified Medical Administrative Assistant and RDA who has previous experience in the medical field. Brianda loves football but when the Dallas Cowboys lost Witten, as a true fan that she is she’s now going for the Raiders. She has a toddler named Ezra with whom she spends her downtime. 

Stephanie Arias RDA, is our lead Orthodontic Assistant. Stephanie got into the dental field to share in the experience of making patients smile. She is originally from Donna but she and her boyfriend live in McAllen with their fur baby Cisco. She enjoys riding and fixing motorcycles and her newest hobby is making leather accessories. Stephanie loves to dance and she finds any excuse to drop a dance move. 

Joeana Mejia (Jo) RDA, is our newest Orthodontic Assistant to the practice but she’s been working in ortho for 7 years. She has always been passionate about orthodontics. “Seeing a patient’s reaction to their new smile is the best!” Jo loves spending time with her family and going to weekend cook-outs and eating fajitas! She loves the saxophone and hopes to learn how to play one day. Jo believes starting the day off with a smile can bring peace and happiness to your whole day. 

Olga Fontenot (Olgies) RDA, is our Lab Assistant. She was born in Ukraine, Russia but she moved to the U.S.A. about 11 years ago. Olgies has a passion for animals and would adopt ALL kinds with no prejudice if her husband would let her! She loves being outdoors, hiking, swimming, and going on adventures with her husband.  She LOVES TACOS but also enjoys cooking and finding healthy alternatives to her favorite Mexican dishes!