The Harmony System

The Invisible Solution for a Perfect Smile.

We are proud to offer you the most innovative products available in the market. The Harmony System benefits from digital self ligating technology- the latest advancement in orthodontics- to get you in and out of treatment quickly and comfortably. 

Dr. Freels will customize a treatment plan using the Harmony System-this technology adapts seamlessly to the shape and contour of your teeth.


Harmony’s advanced digital technology allows Dr.Freels to have full control over your treatment. This precision means your teeth move quickly and accurately to their ideal position. With self ligating technology there are no elastic ties holding your wire in place which can mean easier and shorter office visits.


The Harmony System is customized and designed with your comfort in mind. Each bracket has smooth, rounded edges and a low profile for a comfortable experience.


Harmony’s combination of digital expertise and self ligating technology  delivers exceptional results, offering you the ultimate solution for precise tooth alignment- all in a highly dependable, invisible system.

The Harmony System attaches to the interior or lingual side of your teeth, so no one will know you are wearing braces but you.